LG9NG pin type moisture meter

cod: MIL3006 Measure meters
Igrometro a infissione
Measure meters

LG9NG pin type moisture meter

This meter is provided with a microprocessor for the automatic compensation of readings on wood and other materials. It is available only with the feeler pin (/T) for surface readings, with the hammer (/M) for deep readings or with both of the components (/TM). It is very suitable for readings on undried or seasoned wood, to know the exact moisture distribution on a wood board.

Equipment: suitcase (1), feeler pin (1), hammer (1), electrodes, tightening spanner, cable, alligator clips, alkaline battery, operating instructions.

Additional functions: temperature indicator, reading compensation with microprocessor, temperature compensation, programmable alarms, alphanumerical display, automatic switch off, low battery indicator

LG9NG/T – CODICE: C000087
LG9NG/M – CODICE: C000088
LG9NG/TM – CODICE: C000089

Technical details:

Suggested testing range: 8 – 50%
Ranges number (wood): 4
Ranges number (building materials): 5
Number of loads (leather): 2
Temperature indicator: -10 / 50C
Battery: 9V 6F22
Autonomy: 70 hours
Small suitcase size: 32,5 x 26 x 8 cm
Small suitcase weight: 1,3 / 3,0 / 3,5 Kg ca

(1) according to the version

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